Mature & Established Hedging

There really is nothing quite like a well manicured evergreen hedge. It creates the structure, the picture frame, for vibrant colour and seasonal beauty. And, when privacy is the priority, mature, healthy tall hedging using Beech, Black Cedar, or other creative alternatives, provides a wonderful green enclosure that is vastly more attractive than fences. At Dayspring, we think outside the box. There are many creative alternative hedging plant materials; don’t settle for same as...let us install a uniquely beautiful hedge using our select short list of premium hedging plants.


Gorgeous Gardens

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. For some, that is bold, rich, eye-catching flowering plants, a virtual feast for the eyes. For others, that is subtle, calming, monochromatics, day and night whites, gently lit and backed by solid greens.

Whatever the taste in gardens, whatever the setting, architectural backdrop, sunlight or lack thereof, Dayspring creates gardens that enhance our clients’ experience of their property. Whether it is the distinct pride of ownership of returning home daily to a manicured landscape, or an ever-changing seasonal spectacular of colour to enjoy, or simply a space that is soothing and serene, Dayspring listens to our clients’ wishes and then creates and maintains these gardens with exacting detail.


Specimen Trees and Shrubs

It is said that the best time to plant a tree is yesterday. At Dayspring we source highly specialized mature plantings from across North America so our clients may have what they otherwise could not; staid trees and established hedges and flowering shrubs that say this home has history, has roots, and has the shade, privacy and beauty that comes with a mature landscape.

And then there is the shear wonder, the marvelous architectural form of great tree and shrub specimens, the spectacular burst of pink blossoms on early spring Redbud, the wonderfully turned sinewy form of a Blue Beech, the majesty of a canopying Oak, and literally hundreds of other amazing specimen trees and shrubs available through Dayspring sources. These specimens become the centerpiece, defining a property, and enhancing the appeal and value of a home.



Planters may be used very effectively as accent elements in a landscape, as an attractive enclosure for a living space, or simply to provide gardens where they could not otherwise exist, such as on condominium terraces and rooftops.

Dayspring designs custom planters in metal, stainless, stone, and wood to suit every client’s particular wishes. We design and install the plantings in superior, lightweight, nutritional soils. We install hidden irrigation systems, feeding systems, insulation panels, timing and lighting, everything to ensure the utmost in long term enjoyment of the striking, elevated gardens we create.