Glass Railings

Glass railings provide an open, airy aesthetic to contemporary spaces. They provide uninhibited views of pool areas or from terraces and raised patios.Dayspring specifies the highest quality stainless in our framing systems, hinges and latches, to beautifully frame the views.


Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron is often associated with a more dated architectural style. But the truth is that iron work may be used to evoke most any style from Old Europe, or New Orleans to absolutely contemporary aesthetics.

At Dayspring, we custom design all our wrought iron railings, landscape art, gates and site furnishings to achieve the exact sense of time and place our clients desire.


Privacy Screens

Most outdoor living spaces in the GTA require some form of privacy screening, whether natural (i.e. trees and hedges) or architectural (i.e. fences and walls), and usually a blend of both is most effective.

The fact is, quite apart from privacy, we feel most comfortable in an area that has some sense of enclosure to provide coziness or even wind protection.

At Dayspring, we eschew the traditional mechanisms in favour of more inventive and stylized solutions, using steel, wood, stone and plantings in creative ways to provide privacy screens that are far more than simply functional.


Custom Gates and Fences

Is there anything more ubiquitous in urban neighbourhoods than the standard paneled cedar or PT wood fence? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as a carefully selected frame (or lack thereof) enhances great art, a thoughtfully designed fence and gate can enhance the beauty of a home.

The Dayspring creative team designs fences and gates that are unconventional but fully functional, and, most importantly, are in keeping with the exterior architectural detailing of the home.