Welcome to Dayspring Landscape Design. We have been designing and building residential and commercial landscapes in the GTA for the past 16 years. We are dedicated to the creation of beautiful and functional landscapes and outdoor living spaces and to the process of professionally delivering, not just great ideas, but a wonderful finished project. We love what we do, and we strive to do it well. I believe that all our clients would say that we are not just a source of beautiful ideas, but a company that is respective of budgets, responsive to their needs throughout the construction process, and always fully invested, to the very end, in the delivery of a very high quality finished landscape or living space.

DAYSPRING Featured Projects

Private Outdoor Entertainment Space

Our clients love to enjoy the outdoors. They want to lounge, entertain, and watch their favourite sports events while fully enjoying our wonderful GTA summer days and evenings. Dayspring created an outdoor living space that is beautifully contemporary in design and absolutely private, yet inviting and comfortable for their family to enjoy or in which to entertain a much larger group.
Our design incorporates beautiful finishes featuring materials engineered to endure outdoors. The living space incorporates a sound system, porting for personal devices, and a built in outdoor TV and internet services.

Despite limited space, seating is ample and comfortable, the space is heated for cool evening use by a built in fire pit, and there is even standalone space to simply lay out, plug in one’s own music and enjoy the sunshine.

If this is the type of outdoor space you would love to enjoy, we would be happy to help you discover the possibilities.

Contemporary Poolscape

Why build ordinary when you can enjoy the extraordinary? This gorgeous contemporary poolscape might be seen in a modern resort setting, but it absolutely distinguishes this modest residential space. Everyone enjoys privacy, and a stunning view from the home. This design, featuring “floating” sheets of corten steel, is captivating day and night. Sure, you could have a wooden fence to interrupt a view. But why not have art?

The joy of corten steel. One can coat it for the raw industrial sheet steel look, or let it do what comes naturally, create a warm, stunning finish that makes the design pop. This privacy screen is fitting with stainless posts and cables hosting clear white clematis. Substantial stone pillars frame the space and subtle uplighting captures all the plantings, stainless, and steel to perfection.

If you have landscape or outdoor living space project that you would like to discuss, please just drop us a line or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss it over the phone, and, if appropriate, meet on site to exchange ideas and perhaps take the first step towards an amazing finished project that you will enjoy for many years to come.