Stone Masonry

Dayspring designs and builds stone fireplaces, walls, patios, step sets, water features and cabanas employing a wide range of natural stone, both local and imported to create everything from old European, to New England, to contemporary finishes. Stone is carefully selected and worked by skilled masons for an immaculately crafted finish.

We also design with unusual materials, including fired clay brick for patios in the southern style, reclaimed structural clay brick for those projects that demand an established look, and monolithic poured concrete forms for the more contemporary living space.



Enclosed structures such as cabanas and guest houses, provide the homeowner fully functional covered space for kitchens, washrooms, change rooms, guest accommodation and added shaded lounging areas.

Dayspring designs cabanas which compliment the home, providing all the creature comforts our clients require, from sound systems to sleeping areas.



Pergolas are, by definition, open sided structures, with roofing which may provide full coverage, shade coverage, plant media, or simply overhead structure for aesthetic purposes. They are also a great way to add such modern accoutrements as lighting, sound and misting systems.

Pergola design is limited only by imagination, including everything from traditional mill worked structures to highly contemporary steel beam construction.

Dayspring has designed pergolas to suit a broad range of architectural styles and applications.